Ships Log: Calendar Release Party

Arrr! Board the Killer Pirate Party of the Year!

Avast, each year cutthroats, rogues n’ buccaneers eagerly wait fer the next Hot Pirate Babe Calendar, which be known as the Victoria Secret of Piracy. This Calendar Release Party get you the 2011 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar, an authentic Pyrate Dinner, all you can drink ale, grog and tea, a set of classes on Cutlass Sword Fighting and How to Talk Like a Pirate, Entertainment by Rusty Cutlass, Captain Dan, Pyrate Pyro Performance and my three store assistants will be making there debute belly dancing performance as the"Silent Sirens".

The event is September 11 at the Ocean Pier Pavilion on 350 A1A Beach Blvd in St Augustine Beach, Florida 32080, from 5 to 10pm. The cost is $45 per individual or $80 per couple. Purchase tickets on-line at: or at the store: Pirate Fashions N Fotos, 26 Cuna Street, St Augustine, FL 32084. Must be 21 or older to attend. Tickets are limited and not available at the door. Dress code of fashionable pirate clothing will be enforced. Models from the calendar will be on hand to autography copies of the calendar.

Tiger Lee is the photographer and publisher of the Hot Pirate Babe Calendar series for the past 5 years. He moved to St Augustine to start up Pirate Fashions N Fotos the world’s only pirate photo studio and pirate retail store. Tiger wrote the “A Siren’s Call” column in “Pirates Magazine” for 3 years. He also created the “Molly Roger” the little sister of old Jolly Roger and first female pirate symbol.

Ships Log: Pirate Fantasy Fest

Avast all ye rogues n' wenches,
Here be an event fer all those who love the uncensored life style. The Hedo Pirate Fantasy Fest held at Hedonism 2, Negril, Jamaica on Oct 23-30. I know many ofl ye pirate loving souls who have dreamed of visiting the Caribbean, this be a chance to vacation as a pirate on the white sandy beach of Jamaica, home of the English Buccaneers, such as Henry Morgan.

Hedonism 2 is a 280 room resort built in 1982 on 22 acres, it has a nude side and a prude side. It has a repetition of sex and fun, as many nudist, swinger and fetish events are hosted here. This is an all inclusive 7 day vacation that included, ground transportation, air conditioned hotel room, 3 full meals a day including drings, special pirate activities, regular Hedonism activities, outdoor activities such as sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, scuba diving, tennis. The cost is $1500 per person, the only thing you pay extra is the airfaire. All the restaurants have a dress code. Most of the guest that visit the resort never go nude or swing. This event is really design for couple vs single individuals. Hedonism is more of a couples version of Club Med, which is more single orientated.

Me n' my lovely assistant, Caribbean Pearl, will be putting on a Pirate Fashion Show, teaching naval cutlass sword fighting, giving some classes such as Pirate games, Why pirates did what did, Pirate Weapons, How to talk like a pirate. I will also be doing a Hot Pirate Babe Model Search and photo session.

Ships Log: Searle's Raid on St Augustine, 3-6-10

Rape, Pillage N Burn,

In 1668, Capt Robert Searle n his privateers from Port Royal sailed under the cover of night into the harbor of St Augustine to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers of the Spanish. They killed 60 people and pilaged the goverment buildings, churaches n' homes. The devaststion wrought by these blood thirsty pirates prompted Spain's Council of the Indies to build Castillo de San Marcos.

The re-enactor who run the re-enactment are much more colonial type than pirate types, as the whole city seem to dislike pirates. They consider themselves privateers, but from the Spanish point of view, they were viewed as pirates, for they burn the town down.

Ships Log, Florida Ren Festival, 2-28-10

Good Day Me Lord,

I fancied a a day from me shop ta go down the coast to attend the Florida Renaissance Festival, where I meet some one of the first pirates I shoot in Florida 2 year ago. It was big, but not as big as the Southern CA Pleasure Faire. Here be a confederation of three different pirate krewe doing the black powder demostration, which I got be part of with my newly acquired hand cannon. Without a doubt a fun day to be had.

Here be

Ships Log, New Name N' Location, 3-1-10

Ahoy Matie,

I will be moving from my tiny 300 sq ft store on 100 St George Street to a 1200 sq ft store on 26 Cuna Street on April 1, 2010. I will also be changing the name of the store from Pirate Portraits N Treasures to Pirate Fashions n Fotos. Here be me new business card n' logo.

Ships Log: Pirate at the Pier, 1-23-10

Avast ye scurvy krewe,

This be dar 3rd year fer the Pirates at the Pier. I did set up a small table of some of my pirate garb, weapons n' jewely n' did ok, even Jack came around to shop.

As always, I be keeping a weather eye fer lovely wenches.

Ships Log: Ybor Knight Parade, 2-6-10

Hell's Fury,

In fer a penny, in fer a pound. Life wouldn't be complete without par taking of the Krewe of the Knight's of Sant Yago Knight Paradein the historical Ybor City.

Here be the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Santa Margarita who I also took a group portrait fer.

Bead throwin' from floats that look like pirate ship, if ye be drinkin'g enough. Which be the main purpose to this fine celebration. It's grand when an pirate event doesn't try to be PC. As pirates are a mean n' wild bunch.

Ships Log: Gasparilla Pirate Fest, 1-30-10

By flint n' bones,

I wasn't sure if I was ever goin' ta attend the world's largest pirate festival Gasparilla, they not be friendly to merchants who sell good pirate stuff. I got invited by the Ye Krewe of Sir Henry Morgan, who I took this grand group portraits fer.

I did have a fun time takin' in the sites, I have a better appreciation of the kilt now. NO thing aren't authentic or real, but ye can have mindless fun.

It be nice that pirate be center stage with hundreds of thousands of pirate lovin' soul in attendance, wantin' ye to throw a little booty to them. Booty meanin' some plastic beads, arrrr!

Ships Log: Alafia River Rebdezvous, 1-21-10

Ye Haw Maties,

I be search far n' wide fer unique items to stock my pirate store in St Augstine. I had to brave indian attacks on my way to do some trading at Alafia River Rebdezvous. This would be my first rendezvous event, which be a pre-1840's frontiersmen, indian, mountain men gathering.

Hundreds of period canvas tent with trade blankets with all kinds of goodies abounded. I be a lucky mate fer foundin' me a real 200 year old antique British Flintlock Pistol to add to my collection or ye can call me a salted codfish.

Ships Log: Pirate fer Haiti-Aid Pub Crawl, 2-5-10

Avast ye salty dogs,

What could be better than a whole bunch of pirates helpin' out a Caribbean Island in need? Come in pirate garb fer $5 donation or $10 on land lubber clothes. Meet at my shop at 6:30 on Feb 12, 2010 in St Augustine Pirate Portraits N Treasures or ye can just donate on my website.

100% of the fund collected with go to Its Chance on their second mission to Haiti. Chance Craven the team leader will be there with picture and telling us what they did on the first mission and what they plan on doing for the second mission. There will be raffles and 50/50 drawing as well as entertainers from the Black Raven.