Ship's Log: Pirate Knife Throwers, 12-14-07

Shiver me timbers,

My fellow freebooter, Jack Dagger, send me this like to an article on Dating Advice from Knife-Thrower from Nerve. This be a photo I took of him n' his lovely target a few years ago, back in the day when I help develop personal brands.

Jack Dagger, "The King of Fling" recognized by the International Knife-throwers Hall of Fame performed at my 1st "A Pyrates Life Party". Here be an image I took of him in his pirate garb with his target, Tanya.

Send in Pirate Portraits

At yer service,

Fer all ye freebooters in distant ports that have been wantin' a grand Pirate Portraits of yerself, but can make it into my home port of San Diego, I now offer a Send in your own photo service. This makes a perfect gift fer the pyrate lover who has chest full of every imaginable treasure in the seven seas, yarrr!

Speaking of gifts, 2008 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar make wonderful boot stuffers fer the men folk in yer life or Molly Roger Wench Wear fer the sausy pirette in yer life.

Ship's Log: Pirate's Magazine, 11-5-07

By all that is good n' great,

I have pleasure in saying that thar lastest issue of Pirate's Magazine is out. It be featuring me brand new column, called "A Siren's Call" where I be searching fer women pirates in the modern world. This is a the 5th issue of the quarterly publication, which can be found at yer local Borders Bookstore.

Also included in me column is the Pirate Pin-Up, this issue features Diana Knight of the Rum Runners. I be holdin' a model search for each issue (someone's gota do it, it might as well be me). So all ye wench who thinks they got what I be looking fer, then visit me website Hot Pirate Babes, yarrr!

Ship's Log:Buccaneer Ball: 12-1-07

Ello Bilge Rats,

Thar Arizona Corsair be holdin' thar virgin Buccaneer Ball. It be grand meetin' more pirates holdin' pyrate events in landlocked ports. As always, first time events be a bit rough around the edges, especial more dancing. I would love to see many more buccaneer balls on thar horizon. As a vendor, I did quiet well. So thanks to all ye folks that allowed me the pleasure to craft a fine art pirate portraits. It was good to vend next to No Quarter Given, the best website to keep up with pirate events, yarrr!