Ships Log: Tybee Island Pirate Fest, 10-9-09

Treasures o' Plenty,

It be very rare that dar promise of a grand event exceeds the results, but in this case the Tybee Island Pirate Fest be the best pirate event that I have vended at. Yes, it be more of the street fair type n' not a pirate re-enactment event. There be tons of pirate loving soul in search of pirate booty n' more than willing to pay fer it. Picture here be my new best clients.

I brought tons of new merchandise; both quality pirate garb as well as affordable costumes which I thought I would sell lots of, bit it be the quality pirate garb that sold better. Anger storm rushed in n' poured a flood of rain on us fer 25 minutes, so me two booth wenches, Pearl n' Molly, when out and played.

This is the first time I went under my new vending name of Pirate Fashions, since I wasn't doing photos. Here I be training my other booth assistant in the proper method of applying Molly Roger Temporary Tattoos on wenches. I won't tell you of the story how the local constable almost put up in jail for the weekend fer drunk n' unruly conduct.

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