Ships Log: New Pirate Group Forms, 7-14-09

Mutinous Dogs,

New groups form out of old groups, that be dar way of the pyrate world. Many of the most successful pyrate krewe split ways with their original krewe, so be with the Swashbucklers, Pirates & Buccaneers Social Society of St Augustine. They held dar first meeting at Santa Maria Restaurant, which be a cannon shot from the Black Raven Pirate Ship. I say that 2 groups will alway be better than one group, as competition forces both groups ta be better.

Here be dar Mayham brothers, William the shorter one on the right, be the new Captain of the Krewe. We had 3 mates from the Georgia Cutthroat Titans travel ta attend this first meeting.

Ships Log: Fireworks over the Fort, 7-4-09

Blow me down,

It be Fourth of July in dar New World n' the Governor be orderin' a grand fireworks celebration in St Augustine. Here be two images of dar spectacle above Castillo de San Marcos. These images n' most of all the images in this blog are available as fine art prints at my studio/store o' ye can e-mail me.

I be guessin' that this be a similar sight that Francis Scott Key saw over Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, which be dar war Pirates help ta win

Ships Log: Pirate Art Walk, 7-3-09

Arrrrrrt Maties,

As part of the First Friday Artwalks in St Augustine, I decided to join in as put on my first Pirate Art Walk since I now carry the art of Don Maitz, Michael Noles, Dean Quigley n’ Tiger Lee.

Dar image at the top be Don Maitz, creator of the famous Capt Morgan Rum image. This is his version of Anne Bonney n' Mary Read top of me 180 year old Spanish Colonial chest on display. Below is Michael Nole's Pirate n' Mermaid image, my photo of the Spanish guard during the Changing of the Flags ceremony at Castillo de San Marcos, treasure maps in my reconditioned antique steamer chest.

By heaven o' high water if ye be in town, please stop by Pirate Portraits N Treasure ta have a looks at some beautiful pirate arrrrt work!