Ship's Log: Oceanside Harbor Days: 9-20-08

Dar Red Coats be Coming!

Well this be dar second Oceanside Harbor Day with pirates, that I be vending at. It be fun to meet up with Capt Joseph Ferguson's Company of the Royal Welch Fusllers 23rd Foot Regiment at this event, as you need some bad guys to shoot at, arrrgh!

Not quiet as profitable in doubloons, but far more profitable in my search for pirate wentches. I had a number of lusty doxies drop by my booth to audition for the 2010 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar. Here be Siouxsie, my lovely assistant for the day. I continue to have the luck of dar devil in getting lusty wenches as helpers.

Ship's Log: Pirate Marriage Vows, 9-7-08

Mary sweat Jesus,

No fear of evil curses says you... dar invite to Debbie n' Dennis Hanon's renewal of marriage vows says. So on high noon on Sept 7, 2008 they celebrated dar 25 years of service before the mast and a hardy krew of HMS Stranglehold. The Scurvy Dogs performed some of their cutlass fighting before the crowd, include the first public performance of the double cutlass routine, arrrgh!

Ship's Log: Festival of Sail - San Diego, 8-20-08

By Heaven n' Hell,

Only one day of rest between LA and the San Diego Festival of Sail. It was the last and best organized of all the tallship festivals, but not as good as Tacoma. 150 vendors all in one small area, almost everyone had good spot, lot of people but not many buyers. This one is 5 long days, with no time to board any of the tall ships.

I be the son of a double eye whore from the reeking gutter of Rotterdam if I don't have the luck of the devil with my last few assistants, every single one is hotty. Marina be this year's Miss Teenage San Diego. Life be good as a pirate.

Ship's Log: Festival of Sail - Los Angeles, 8-15-08

Bleed me,

The Festival of Sails Los Angeles be just like dar one in San Francisco: expensive, divided, disorganized, scarcely crowded, and not interested in purchasing from the merchants. I be soundin' like a complainer, but I'm tryin' to make money for my voyage to the Caribbean this year. Plus I between SeaWolf selling shirts for $10 and the Official T-Shirt vendor selling shirts for only $5, while i'm trying to sell my Molly Roger Tanktop for $20.

Our shirts are sexier, original, quality, exclusive, made in the US. We did alright against the competition because of my secret weapon, a saucy assistant wearing my sexy tanktop. I had be beat back all the other vendors who tried to steal her away. Doesn't Miko look totally hot, arrrrgh! Hopefully we will see her in the next calendar. We implemented the no picture without a purchase rule with great success. As it be hard to run a photo booth when your letting everyone take free picture of yourself.

Ship's Log: Festival of Sail - Oxnard, 8-8-08

Damn me buttons,

Here I be at dar Oxnard - Channel Islands Tall Ships Festival. This might be dar small of the Tallships Festival of the season, but it was profitable one, after I moved me booth from the front of the entrance to in front of the line for the HMS Bounty, the one made for the 1960 Mutiny of the Bounty movie with Marlon Brando. The weather was perfect with a nice sea breeze all day. Had dinner and rum at dar Port Royal Privateers encampment, fine group of rouges. May your grog be cold n' wet, your sails full of wind and yer women hot
n' sweaty.

Ship's Log: St. Thomas Pirate Festival

Ahoy Maties,

I be planning a trip ta the Caribbean, somewhere with lots of wenches . . . the Virgin Islands. I will be vending at the first St Thomas Pirate Festival, which be held on Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2008. Every true pirate should take a visit over dar! Here be an entree I pirated from Nicole Cargill-Kipar's History Resources for the PotC about the pirate haven.

Saint Thomas - Mountainous and sparsely covered in forest, St. Thomas has several low peaks which dominate its silhouette. St. Thomas Harbor is a well-sheltered deep water harbor, peeking out between St. Thomas proper and the smaller, uninhabited Hassel Island. The island is semi-arid and the vegetation is sparse besides trees.

St. Thomas was settled by the Dutch in 1657 and soon became home to several bands of English pirates. The island's population is mainly Danish (with Dutch and Portuguese Jews living there as well) and in 1672 the Danish India Company purchased the island. In 1674 the King of Denmark purchased the island and named the Port Charlotte Amalie, after his wife. Many nobles at the time believed that he purchased the island for the express purpose of naming the port as such.

Because the Danish Navy did not operate as far south as the Caribbean (and was embroiled in a bitter war against the Swedes), the King empowered the Governor of the Danish West Indies (who resided in Charlotte Amalie) to issue Letters of Marque at his discretion.

The island became a haven for pirates to rival Tortuga and is home to a black market nearly as large as CuraƧao.

St. Thomas is the only whole colony in the Caribbean not controlled by the French, English, Dutch, or Spanish. It was the extent of the Danish colonial empire at the time of its founding. St. Thomas is home to a very eclectic and moderately interesting array of people. The nearest other port that is not controlled by the 'big four' (France, Spain, Britain, or the Netherlands) is the Portuguese colony at Buenos Aires, in Brazil.

So come on over an join me in my raid of a true pirate town, yarrrr!