Ships Log: Pirate Dinner Adventure, 3-21-09

Curse me fer a lubber,

Since Pearl n' I won a free ticket ta Pirate Dinner Adventure, we finally got around to goin'. I heard many things about the dinner show n all of them be true. As a 5 year old yar might like it, but as a pirate aficionado, I hated it! It represents everything I hate about thinly veiled business makin' money from the good pirate name. The actors n' staff people wear polyester costumes, don't talk like pirates, talk a lot about gypsies and princess, sell only cheap plastic stuff. It was a singing musical with a lot of acrobatics n' almost no sword play. The little sword fighting that be done with fencing foils instead of cutlasses.

Ta worst part of the experience was the mandatory $5 tip fer person for the bad waitstaff who served school cafeteria food. There was very little interaction between us n' the staff. Everyone was there to pick up a paycheck n' not fer the love of piracy.

Ships Log: Sock Monkey Attacks, 3-17-09

Bless me guts,

Dar Sock Monkey attacked our store one day, tryin' ta steal some booty, but I pulled out my twin butterfly knives. He decided to write a nice entree in his blog.

Here's what he wrote: While out playing in St. Augustine, Sock Monkey appened upon yet another pirate! Tiger Lee (the pirate), while rather fierce to meet, actually turned out to be a great guy! He does have a rather frieghtening scowl and wicked looking blades, but he was a nice as can be after Sock Monkey got to know him a little better.

Tiger Lee runs a little shop on St. George Street (near the corner of Hypolita at 100 St. George, Suite 1) called Pirate Portraits N' Treasures. This place is wonderful! Not only can you get your photo taken in pirate garb, but Tiger Lee is a fount of information. He even has a piece of the Black Pearl (from Pirates of the Caribbean) in his shop!

On the second Friday of every month, Tiger Lee offers an In Garb Pub Crawl to benefit different charities from 7 pm until 11 pm. It's a great time with pirate camaraderie, storytelling, song and drinks. Well worth the $5 (IF your in 16th-19th century pirate garb) price. It's $10 if you don't dress-up, but what's the fun in not dressing? Stop by Pirate Portraits N' Treasures to book your reservation!

If your in the market for period clothing, then Tiger Lee is the one to know! He has everything you need, including weapons (no weapons on the pub crawls allowed).

Ships Log: Tiger's New Wenches, 3-15-09


Good help be hard ta find, but as luck have it I found a little waif of a girl, one step from living on her own like a steet urchin. Crazy Eyed Elise, my new first mate, can be found hawking fer me on St George N Hypolita Street on the weekends. What she lacks in sophistication, she makes up in guts n' eagerness. She may be short n' blonde, beware as she has become a deadly sword fighter in dar short time I have been trainin' her.

Her best mate, Red Hand Arial, 2nd mate be comin' aboard as seamtress n' backup assistant. They make up a lovely but deadly krewe, so come down fer a visit to Pirate Portraits N Treasures.

Ships Log: St Aug Travelers Tidbits, 3-1-09

Avast ye cursin' corsairs,

Here be dar Special St. Augustine Shop Review from St Augustine Travel Guide's newsletter #8 written by Lynn.

Pirate Portraits n' Treasures

"I came across this new, unique little shop today, purely by accident. I was out taking photographs and happened upon a beautiful pirate lady who I learned was Crazy Eyed Elise.

I asked her if I might take her picture and she invited me into the store to meet Tiger Lee, pirate extraordinaire, from the South China Seas. "Ahoy, matie", he says to me, "me name is Tiger Lee. Arrgh!" I knew I was in for a treat. This is the tale I heard...

Avast ye pirate lovers, Tiger Lee moves to St. Augustine to open Pirate Portraits N Treasures, the worlds first pirate store and photo studio.

Tiger Lee, from the South China Seas, plundered an ancient mystical box from the Manchu Emperor. Tiger be forced to flee his homeland to escape Royal Assassins.

Experience this magical image box, that transforms common folk into portraits of beautiful wenches n' fierce pirates in a matter of minutes.

Pirate Portraits n' Treasures is filled with real 150 year old trunks, pirate garb for men and women, fight quality swords, reproduction flinklocks, made to order tricorn hats, and pirate books.

Take home some real pirate booty, a pirate portrait of yourself! Be sure to visit this fun shop. Located at 100 St. George Street."

Ships Log: First In Garb Pub Crawl, 3-13-09

What do ye do with a drunken sailors,

By all that is great n' good. Pirate from Georgia ta Key West attended arrrr first In Garb Pub Crawl. We had enough mates to split into 2 groups to attach the four pubs in the historical district of St Augustine.

The top group be mine n' the bottom group be lead by Thumbcutter. Everybody be havin' a grand time drinkin, singing sea chanteys, kidnappin strangers, playing Perudo. Perudo or dudo o' liar's dice be a game that Cortez learned from the Aztecs. The winner received an aztec cursed coin as a prize for winning the dice tournement.

Ships Log: Searle's Raid on St Augustine, 3-7-09

Rape, Pillage N Burn,

In 1668, Capt Robert Searle n his privateers from Port Royal sailed under the cover of night into the harbor of St Augustine to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers of the Spanish. They killed 60 people and pilaged the goverment buildings, churaches n' homes. The devaststion wrought by these blood thirsty pirates prompted Spain's Council of the Indies to build Castillo de San Marcos.

It be real grand to round re-enactors again, as I'm not on the road travelin' from festival to fair. Here be a scene only 100 feet away from my store front. Pirates rampaging through St George Street to the front of the city gates where be engage

Ships Log: In Garb Pub Crawl, 3-3-09

Drunk up me heardies,

Drunkin' fer a Cause! Benefits a different charity each month. In Garb Pub Crawl being held the 2nd Friday of each month, from 7-11pm. Starting on March (Friday) 13th to benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Camaraderie, drinking, storytelling, drinking, song, drinking, pirate dice games and more drinking at 4 different pubs in the historical district of Americas oldest city.

Cost: $10 or $5 if you be dressed in 15th to 19th century pirate garb. No real or replica weapons. Dollar off the first drink at every pub. Buy yar tickets by 6:30pm at Pirate Portraits N Treasures

Special gift for all participant of the first In Garb Pub Crawl - 2009 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar ($14 value). This is the only monthly costumed-period garbed pub crawl in the world.

Ships Log: Pirate Portraits N Treasures, 3-1-09

Love me eyes,

I just finished my first full month at my new store, Pirate Portraits N Treasures , in St Augustine. We just pasted the slow period n' be enterin' into dar busy season. Here be some photos of me store. This be dar front of my shop on the inside a the Spanish Plaza mall of 5 stores.

Our shop be long n' narrow like a tallship. Cramp full of wonder booty like a pirate ship should be, arrrgh! We are located on 100 St George Street, Suite I, St Augustine, FL 32084. So don't be afraid to step aboard if yar in town maties.

I dare say we carry reproduction flinklocks n' fight quality cutlasses as well as custom made to order tricorns.

Here ye see hat pins, gems, dubloon on the top shelf, sash o' plenty on the mid shelf, n' books on dar bottom shelf.

We carry both women n' men's pirate garb as well as a full range of accessories. However we don't carry any plastic o' polyester products, as all the other tourist shops carry them. We focus on what true pirate lovers n' re-enactor want.

Ships Log: Pirates at the Pier, 1-31-09

Avast buccaneer,

This be my first event since I opened my pirate store n' studio, as it me hard to get out when yar open everyday with no helper monkeys. This be dar second year fer the Pirates at the Pier. I didn't get to vend o' set up my photo booth, but it be might fine dancin' n' drinking with fellow pyrates.

I even won a prize in the costume contest with my friend, Pearl, along with PopEye n' OliveOil.