Ships Log: First In Garb Pub Crawl, 3-13-09

What do ye do with a drunken sailors,

By all that is great n' good. Pirate from Georgia ta Key West attended arrrr first In Garb Pub Crawl. We had enough mates to split into 2 groups to attach the four pubs in the historical district of St Augustine.

The top group be mine n' the bottom group be lead by Thumbcutter. Everybody be havin' a grand time drinkin, singing sea chanteys, kidnappin strangers, playing Perudo. Perudo or dudo o' liar's dice be a game that Cortez learned from the Aztecs. The winner received an aztec cursed coin as a prize for winning the dice tournement.

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  1. This past weeked I and me maties, Dead Eye & Josh, sailed to the North -n- anchor in the beautiful City of St. Augustine. There we met with our crusty ole pirate Tiger Lee, for his 1st Pub Crwal...a total blast! The night wasn't long enough for all the pillaging, flogging -n- drinking.

    Together (with a lit' help of the local pirate crews) we took the street of St. Augustine. Tiger Lee was an excellent host and does a great job putting together this crawl; buy the way was for a good cause. All the bounty collected in this even go to The brest Cancer.