Ships Log: Pirate Portraits N Treasures, 3-1-09

Love me eyes,

I just finished my first full month at my new store, Pirate Portraits N Treasures , in St Augustine. We just pasted the slow period n' be enterin' into dar busy season. Here be some photos of me store. This be dar front of my shop on the inside a the Spanish Plaza mall of 5 stores.

Our shop be long n' narrow like a tallship. Cramp full of wonder booty like a pirate ship should be, arrrgh! We are located on 100 St George Street, Suite I, St Augustine, FL 32084. So don't be afraid to step aboard if yar in town maties.

I dare say we carry reproduction flinklocks n' fight quality cutlasses as well as custom made to order tricorns.

Here ye see hat pins, gems, dubloon on the top shelf, sash o' plenty on the mid shelf, n' books on dar bottom shelf.

We carry both women n' men's pirate garb as well as a full range of accessories. However we don't carry any plastic o' polyester products, as all the other tourist shops carry them. We focus on what true pirate lovers n' re-enactor want.

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