Ship's Log: First Day in St Thomas: 10-28-08

Land Hole!

After much planning, driving, n' flying, I finally arrived at dar Island of Virgins, St Thomas. I stayed with my pirate mate, Casey, who brought me to Black Beards Tower, one of the four historical landmarks on the island. This sky tower be built in 1679 as a watchtower fer the harbor of Charlotte Amalie.

Here be Casey Thornburg, the event promoter of the first St Thomas Pirate Festival. I spend most of the day visiting possible sites to set up my pirate portrait photo studio. At day's end I swam in warm clear blue water of shappire beach, it felt wonderful, arrrrgh!

Ship's Log: Fantasy Fest: 10-24-08

Curse me,

This be my second voyage ta Fantasy Fest, the 10 day event of debauchery held on Key West, n' my very last event on the mainland before heading out to St Thomas. This years theme be "Pirates, Pundits and Political Party Animals."

Last year I did well vendin' at dar Fantasy Fest Street Fair, this year be a disaster in that I didn't even make me booth fee. On top of that it rained buckets fer 20 minutes at a time. Dropped my treasured Canon camera in the water n' couldn't take any pictures on friday, so I have no pictures at the Rum Barrel Pirate Bash Costume Contest.

After my camera dried out for a day, it begin working with some issues. So I did get some images from a hard day of shooting nude wenches walking around in public, who be more than happy to let ye talk photos of them. This be one of my favorite way of viewing art, yarrr!

Ship's Log: Pirate Days at the Colony: 10-18-08

Beginnin' of a long voyage,

Well this be my trans-american voyage to St Thomas. Well in the middle of my 3000 mile route, dar happened to be a pyrate event near Dallas, called Pirate Days at the Colony. It turned out to be a fine first time event, but they do need more pirates. It be a joy meeting with some long time fans of me artwork. Listened to a grand Celtic band called: NeedFire.

Here be two lovely wenches who happened ta be twins. Steady as she goes, maties.

Ship's Log: Age of Chivalry: 10-10-08

What dar desert winds may bring,

This be me very last West Coast event before setting sail to the Island of Virgins. In the desert of Las Vegas, I seek fortune at the Age of Chivalry, one massive Renaissance faire of 50,000 folk in one weekend. This be one interesting fantasy faire with The Wild, Vikings, Belly Dancers, Gladiators, Scottish, Fairies, Queen & her court n' Pirates.

Here be Yaya Han, Miss Feb. of the 2009 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar model, who be signing her authographs fer those lucky visitor to me photo booth. As with most events in this down economy, my best event of last year didn't bring me fortune, but the same dry cough that I caught last year, arrrrrgh!

Bilgemunky Review of the 2009 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar

Ahoy all ye scavenger o' the sea,

My mate, Bilge, reviewed the 2009 Hot Pirate Babe on his grand website: Bilgemunky. His fancy words describe me calendar like only a true scurvy dog can. He has been runnin' a chart of Hot Pirate Babes Facial Expression Tally that be comparing the facial expressions between the 2007, 2008 n' 2009 calendars. He also has dar most comprehensive review of Rum on the web, arrrrgh!

Ship's Log: Two Harbor's Buccaneer Days: 10-3-08

Why is the rum always gone,

Cause all the pirates be partyin' at dar Two Harbor Buccaneer Days. I took the local ferry, the Catalina Express on friday. The tall ship, Lynn, made an appearance. I spend the weekend unloading me Molly Roger goods & calendars ta the hundreds of partying pyrates.

Sink n' scuttle me if I didn' have a long hard day placin' me Molly mark on dar many wenches lovely treasure chest. I pyrate's work is never done, arrrgh!

Ship's Log: Ojai Pirate Faire: 9-27-08

By the blood in me heart,

This be 17th year for Ojai Pirate Faire the oldest pirate festival on dar west coast. I be settin' up me Olde Tyme Dress Like A Pyrate Photo Booth for my very last faire in California. It be a very good weekend fer me, with saying good bye to lots of old friends.

Here be 3 of me beautiful models from the 2009 Calendar (Carolyn - Ms May, JJ - Ms June, Ramona - Ms July) who be on hand ta sign calendars on saturday. Plus Anyssa - Ms Sept (in wench with dar umbrella in the montage above) be on dar on Sun to sign as well.