Ship's Log: Oceanside Harbor Days: 9-15-07

Celebrate Me Birthday,

Oceanside Harbor Days been goin' fer many years, but this be thar first time with pyrates. The start be a bit slow, but it picked up later in the day. A mighty 6 pounder be crewed by all female, arrr! They had a nice gun battle between two tall ships n' 30 pirates with lots of black powered. I celebrated me birthday at the Jolly Roger Restaurant, got a wee bit drunk on a new drink, it be called Creamy KUM (Kahlua + Rum n' Milk).

The second day be even better since they put a bus stop right in front of me booth. I sold a record number of Molly Roger Wenchwear, especially the new booty shorts. Mark me words, this event be a grand treasure next year!

Ship's Log: Dana Point Tallships Festival: 9-8-07

Land Ho,

This be one of the first festival.that I didn't have a photo booth, which I have a few choice words for them survy dogs. But I made the most of it n' found a sloop that be needin' an extra crew member. The water be a bit rough n' some of them got sea sick, so half way though they disembarked. I some grand shot of the tall ships, yarrrr!

Ship's Log: Kinky Pirate Ball: 9-1-07

A wenchin' we will go,

Kinky Pirate Ball not be yar normal pirate event, but what a fest fer me salty sea eyes. It's been some time since I've charted thar realm of the fetish world, saw many old friends. I had numerous strumpets tell me that they be lookin' at me calendar fer thar inspiratation fer them their pyrate costume!

Many luscious maidens expressed their intereste in be in the next Hot Pirate Babe Calendar. Thar be Veronique, a top candidate. So many hard choices in life, far too many wicked wenches, yarrrr!