Ship's Log: Moroccan Party: 10-11-07

May treasure rain upon ye,

Spectrum Communication hired me two years ago to create a Dress Like A Pirate Photo Booth, which got me first started in pyrates. Now they had me create a Dress Like A Moroccan Photo Booth for this years CEPTA convention.

Moroccan pirates, who be called Corsairs where famous for attacking Christain Ships on the Medierranean Ocean. So now I be addin' Moroccan Pirates to my pirate photo booth. Here be me old images called thar "Desert Edge".

Ship's Log: Buccaneer Days at 2 Harbors: 10-5-07

Storm Seas Abound,

I brought a load of booty over to the General Store at 2 Harbor fer thar 18th Annual Buccaneer Days. I took the local ferry, the Catalina Express on friday, which be the harshest sea me damn eyes have ever a seen, arrrugh. The tall ship, American Pride had to be rescue on her return vovage from Catalina Island, all sea traffic be cancelled fer the rest of the day. A day trip turned into an entire weekend. Marooned on a desert island with a thousand partyin' pyrates. It be rewardin' seeing scores of wenches wearin' the mark of the Molly Roger.

The British gave me quarter on thar ship, me first time sleeping on the water, a small 20 foot boat with waves lapping all night. It be quite refreshing not havin' to work a photo booth, all I do is drink rum n' look for potential Hot Pirate Babe Models. Life be rough fer a rogue like me, but someone gotta do it. I entered the costume contest, be a finalist fer best pirate n' most original, but lost to a rat n' a parrot.

Ship's Log: Las Vegas Resort Gift Show: 9-27-07

Here's luck n' fair wind to ye,

The Molly Roger being so popular, I have begin wholesalin' thar produce line. So I went to me first merchant show, the Las Vegas Resort Gift Show. Captain Starwise provided me his 10 foot ship's mast to decorate me booth, ain't she a beauty!

I had high hopes fer the show, but it provided slim pickin'. I did sell some of me ware to the General Store at 2 Harbor on Catalina Island, who invited me to thar Buccaneer Day's next week.

Ship's Log: Ojai Pirate Faire: 9-22-07

I give ye hearty greetin',

This be the busiest pirate weekend of the year, fer thar be dozens of pirate festival happenin'. I be settin' up me Olde Tyme Dress Like A Pyrate Photo Booth at Ojai Pirate Faire, the biggest pirate festival in Southern Califorina. This year they be expandin' it to 2 weekends, it being so popular.

I be seeing many a olde mates n' and a few new ones. Thar be many a new pyrate guilds poppin' up that you be thinkin' that it be the second golden age of piracy!

Ship's Log: Talk Like A Pirate Day: 9-19-07

Aye Shallywages,

This be the international day fer all common folk to Talk Like a Pirate! Cruised up to me mates Clay at his Ye Olde Studio City Tattoo , where he be celebratin' this day by providing pirate tattoos, music n' fun. Even Cap'n Slappy n' Ol'Chumbucket the original creator of Talk Like A Pirate Day drop by to get thar first tattoo.

After way I made me way down to Enchanted Deva to where many o' pirate soul be gatherin' to watch performance. A beautiful troup of pirate belly dancer provided an eyeful.