Ship's Log: Buccaneer Days at 2 Harbors: 10-5-07

Storm Seas Abound,

I brought a load of booty over to the General Store at 2 Harbor fer thar 18th Annual Buccaneer Days. I took the local ferry, the Catalina Express on friday, which be the harshest sea me damn eyes have ever a seen, arrrugh. The tall ship, American Pride had to be rescue on her return vovage from Catalina Island, all sea traffic be cancelled fer the rest of the day. A day trip turned into an entire weekend. Marooned on a desert island with a thousand partyin' pyrates. It be rewardin' seeing scores of wenches wearin' the mark of the Molly Roger.

The British gave me quarter on thar ship, me first time sleeping on the water, a small 20 foot boat with waves lapping all night. It be quite refreshing not havin' to work a photo booth, all I do is drink rum n' look for potential Hot Pirate Babe Models. Life be rough fer a rogue like me, but someone gotta do it. I entered the costume contest, be a finalist fer best pirate n' most original, but lost to a rat n' a parrot.

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