Ships Log: Talk Like A Pirate Day, 9-19-09

Aye Shallywages,

This be the international day fer all common folk to Talk Like a Pirate! My store did well all this weekend, thank the heavens that some many folk love pirates. I when over to Hurricane Patty's to celebrate with the Swashbucklers.

Ships Log: Calendar Release Party, 9-12-09

Celebrate with me mates,
Pyrates, buccaneers n' scurvy dogs every year eagerly await the new Hot Pirate Babe calendar. My friend, Pirates of Treasure Coast put on this calendar release party fer me.

They event got my favorite pirate band, Captain Dan n' the Scurvy Crew to play at the party

Here be some of the cutthroats n' wench who showed up ta celebrate.

Ships Log: Treasure Coast Pirate Fest, 9-12-09

I'd wager a handsome venture,

To start a new venture with Pearl as my partner in vending at pirate events in the south eastern seaboard. This be the Second Annual Treasure Coast Pirate Fest n' the first real one I have done as am outside vendor since startin' up me shop in St Augustine.

It rained while setting up, but stayed sunny fer the rest of the day. Tons of landlubbers showed up n' purchased many Molly Roger shirts. Arrr first venture be quite profitable in a very slow month fer me. Here be my partner manning the booth in one of the few slow times. I am trying to work on my Pirate Fashion line at festivals, as I don't have the resources to do a pirate photo studio in two locations at once.

Down below be one really grand land ship, I want one fer my birthday, arrrgh!

Ships Log: 7th In Garb Pub Crawl, 9-11-09

Yo Ho Ho,

The 7th In Garb Pub Crawl had a good showing of 16 pirates. Crab Grabber when out of business, so we changed to McLeans, Prince of Wales, Scarlett O'Hara's n' Ann O'Malley's. We had a real grand time telling really bad pirate jokes, playing lier's die, n' singin' sea shanties very badly. Join us if ye be in St Augustine on the second friday of the month. This month's featured cause be the Diamond in the Rough Farm, as one of arrrr old time pub crawler be part of that organization, so drunkin' fer a good cause be what we're about!

Ship's Log: St Augustine's 444th Birthday: 9-4-09

In name of God, King n' County,

In 1565, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed at Mission of Nombre de Dio to proclaim name this land, St Augustine of Florida. The city put on a re-enactment of the event to celebrate the 444th birthday of St Augustine.

The good thing about such an old city, is that it has many celebrations fer re-enactors to get dressed up n' attract tourist. Not that I be liking Spanards, but if they weren't here, we pirates wouldn't have any body to plunder, arrrrgh!