Ships Log: Treasure Coast Pirate Fest, 9-12-09

I'd wager a handsome venture,

To start a new venture with Pearl as my partner in vending at pirate events in the south eastern seaboard. This be the Second Annual Treasure Coast Pirate Fest n' the first real one I have done as am outside vendor since startin' up me shop in St Augustine.

It rained while setting up, but stayed sunny fer the rest of the day. Tons of landlubbers showed up n' purchased many Molly Roger shirts. Arrr first venture be quite profitable in a very slow month fer me. Here be my partner manning the booth in one of the few slow times. I am trying to work on my Pirate Fashion line at festivals, as I don't have the resources to do a pirate photo studio in two locations at once.

Down below be one really grand land ship, I want one fer my birthday, arrrgh!

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