Ship's Log: Pirate's Magazine, 8-30-09

Cheers ta another issue!

This issue of Pirate's Magazine be featurin' me column, called "A Siren's Call" where I be searching fer women pirates in the modern world. I featured the article on two female tall ship captains, Capt Sela Dai n' Capt Elaine "Insane" Eno. This be dar 10th issue of the quarterly publication, which be found at yer local Borders Bookstore o' ye can purchase a copy at me website Hot Pirate Babes.Com.

Also included in me column is the Pirate Pin-Up, This issue features Victoria Vengeance from my first Hot Pirate Babe Calendar in 2007. I meet her while she be performing at the Hollywood Pirate Ball., arrrgh!

Ship's Log: Tiger visit to Puerto Rico: 8-24-09

Blue Water Ocean,

It be grand visiting the old historical district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, or the gateway to the Caribbean from Europe. This be the most heavy defended place in the New World, with 23 bastion n' forts defending the city. This be the place that Sir Francis Drake was defeated in 1595, as well as Sir George Cliffords attack in 1598, and the Dutch attack of 1625. Castillio de San Felipe Del Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal are the heart of the defenses with walls that rise 150 feet above sea level. English merchants called San Juan "A Nest of Pirates" and it's inhabitants "pure devils" fer the loses caused by Spanish n' Puerto Rican corsairs, who enjoyed the protection of the island's fortresses. Every year around April 24, the Fixed Regiment of Puerto Rico re-enacts the 1797 seige of San Juan.

These images n' most of all the images in this blog are available as fine art prints at my studio/store o' ye can e-mail me.

Ships Log: Tiger Lee's Calendar Release Party, 8-21-09

Dance dar hemp jig,

Each year cutthroats, buccaneers n' rogues eagerly await fer the release of the next Hot Pirate Babe Calendar. On Saturday, Sept 12, 2009 will be a wild adult only party with entertainment by Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew, me favorite pirate band. The party be part of the 2nd Annual Treasure Coast Pirate Festival.

Tiger will be holding a Hot Pirate Babe Model Search for the next calendar. The party be held at 7:30 to 10 PM in Howard Johnson Inn of Stuart, 950 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, Fl. Cover charge be $16.00 which includes one signed 2010 calendar. Ye have a grand time or ye may gut me fer a preacher!

Ships Log: 6th In Garb Pub Crawl, 8-14-09

Drinkin' fer a cause,

The 6th In Garb Pub Crawl started out with only 6 rouges at Mc Lean's, but picked up 8 more pirate loving soul later. We had a real grand time telling really bad pirate jokes, playing lier's die, n' singin' sea shanties very badly. Join us if ye be in St Augustine on the second friday of the month. This month's featured cause be the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, who helps one of the group's son, so drunkin' fer a good cause be what we're about! Here be a group photo taken by Joe O'Steen in Ann O'Malley's.

Ships Log: 2010 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar arrive, 8-3-09

Yo hole, sweet buns of stickiness,

The 2010 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar is finally available, so order yers today! Each year it get hard n' hard ta top last year's calendar, but I be feeling quite grand about this fourth edition of the finest collection of wenches in the seven seas or curse me fer a lubberly Dutchmen!