Ship's Log: Tiger visit to Puerto Rico: 8-24-09

Blue Water Ocean,

It be grand visiting the old historical district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, or the gateway to the Caribbean from Europe. This be the most heavy defended place in the New World, with 23 bastion n' forts defending the city. This be the place that Sir Francis Drake was defeated in 1595, as well as Sir George Cliffords attack in 1598, and the Dutch attack of 1625. Castillio de San Felipe Del Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal are the heart of the defenses with walls that rise 150 feet above sea level. English merchants called San Juan "A Nest of Pirates" and it's inhabitants "pure devils" fer the loses caused by Spanish n' Puerto Rican corsairs, who enjoyed the protection of the island's fortresses. Every year around April 24, the Fixed Regiment of Puerto Rico re-enacts the 1797 seige of San Juan.

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