Ship's Log: Un-Official Disney Pirate Party, 5-24-08

More Grog Matie,

Me mate, Brandon of Marked Men be holdin' his 3rd Annual Un-Official Pirate Party last night, where he be inviting all his buccaneers from when he used to work fer dar East Indian Mouse Company (Aye did made up that phrase). I love going ta his party, fer it be wonderful hunting grounds fer wenches or I be a salted codfish!

Blast me eyes when Brandon show me dar June issue of Los Angeles Magazine where they did a featured article called " Pirate Booty: An ex-Jack Sparrow spills on life at the Magic Kingdom".

Ship's Log: 2009 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar Cover Art, 5-21-08

Avast ye curvy dogs,

Here be one of my earlier pirate art for the cover of the 2009 Hot Pirate Babe. Dar be many consideration fer which image be goin' on ta cover of a calendar, such as does this image say pirate, the expression of the wenches face, is she too exposed for public viewing, it is the right color, is there enough room fer the text and logo.

I think this one be dar next cover. It has Maxfield Parrish feel to it, which I think will have a good effect on sales. I try to craft images that look more like art than photography, or me eye be damned!

Ship's Log: iPhone of the Caribbean, 5-12-08

Savvy Mate,

Brandon of Marked Men told me he doing the first high quality POTC fan film. Thar hundreds of fan files for StarWars, but none fer Pirates. To get an even bigger splash he be trying it in with the release of the iphone2 next month, masterful little devil he be, ye see! How he got the San Diego Maritime Museum to let him video on the HMS Surprise be a real mystery.

Well I got a bit part in this production, as one of the scurvy krewe members run around in dar background. I plan on gettin' an Apple iPhone when version 2 comes out next month, more booty!.

Ship's Log: Queen Bess & the Pirates, 5-10-08

Od's bobs, hammer n' tongs,

Queen Bess n' the Pirates be me first event out in Fresno, CA. It be nice to be on grass instead of dusty dirt. It be a bit slow, but I did a nice number of portraits n' traded with some blacksmiths fer more props.

Ship's Log: CHOC Pirate Party, 5-2-08

More Rum Mate,

This be dar Second Annual CHOC Pirate Party, which I have attended. As always, I be donating a portion of my take to the Children's Hospital, where many of the actors from POTC go visit sick kids to lift dar spirits.

Here be rare video of Tiger Lee sword fighting Capn Syn, a fellow scurvy dog. Dar be three lovely wenches from Marked Men to lift me spirits, yarrr! I'm sure be seeing more of these ladies in dar near future.

Ship's Log: Cut Throats of Corona, 4-26-08

Dar Curse Faire of Hellrona,

Cut Throats of Coronal has alway been curse with hot weather, no matter when they put it on. But this year, the field 10 feet away from the parking lot caught fire 20 minutes after the opening of the faire. Some rogue got dar order of rape, pillage n' burn backwards! The fire spread across the entire park within 10 minutes. If the wind had shifted a few degrees, the entire faire would have burnt to the ground in minutes. It was very exciting to watch the airplanes, helicopters, trucks n' firemen fight the fire close up.

Even though the faire be curse, I would have the luck of the devil, as I did well at this darn event. The faire was closed for 2 hours before opening up again, then another small fire started again. It was a Santa Anna weekend with ash floating around in the air.

Ship's Log: Baltimore Pyrate Invasion Pub Crawl, 4-19-08

A night of pyrateness,

This be me first pub crawl n' be a grand experience, yarrr! I'd discovered there be two different pub crawls fer the Baltimore Pyrate Invasion, one put on by the Fells Point Development Corp. for the general public n' the secret one by the original pirates who started it fer the re-enactors. I went around marking buxom wenches with me Molly RogerMolly Roger Temporary Tattoos. Did I say I licked them on, pulled off the paper with my teeth, fan them dry with my Iron Fan, then took photos of them. Next time will bring more tattoos.

Ship's Log: Fells Point Privateer Day, 4-19-08

Cool breeze in me face,

Privateers are men who sail a private armed ship by permission of one nation against another nations ships. Fells Point Privateers Day celebrates dar port which built real privateer ships. There be a canon battle between 2 privateer ship n' a British merchantmen. The power went out one hour after starting n' never got fixed fer the rest of the day, so I couldn't run my pirate photo booth. However, I did sell a lot of Molly Roger products.

It be a pleasure to spend a week with dar staff of Pirates Magazine n' visit the Baltimore Knife n' Sword shop.

Ship's Log: Escondido Renaissance Faire, 4-6-08

Gentlemen of Fortune,

I have done dar Escondido Renaissance Faire more than any other, mostly will very good fortune. But ill winds can blow my way for two long weeks n' wreak yer best laid plans.

At least is very close to my home port of San Diego n' I can enjoy being entertained by lovely belly dancers.

Ship's Log: Palm Spring's Ren Festival, 3-28-08

Desert Treasures,

The Palm Springs Renaissance Festival be another pleasurable event put on by Crossroads Group.

My Dress Like a Pirate Photo Booth was next to Lisa, the beautiful bodice maker. She kept sending me lovely wench wrapped in her bodices.

Sometimes even slow events can be profitable. After the Festival ended, I walked down the street to the Spa Resort Casino for drinking, wenching n' gambling, three favorite pyrate activities.

Ship's Log: Piratez Tavern Model Search, 4-18-08

I'm all seized over with joy at seein' ye,

At dar first Pirate Magazine's " A Siren's Call Party n' Model Search", I be lookin' fer fresh female blood to shoot with me Canon camera. This one bein' held at dar Piratz Tavern in Silver Springs, MD.

Dar tarvern be sporting flintlock n' cutlass hanging on the wall, dar staff be dressed in real pirate garb instead of that cheap Halloween costume stuff that some many places be using. They even greet ye with a Ahoy Matie! The grub be mighty tasty, fit fer King or krewe.

Ship's Log: Pirate's Magazine, 4-1-08

I give yar hearty greetin',

It be me pleasure ta say that thar lastest issue of Pirate's Magazine is out. It be featurin' me column, called "A Siren's Call" where I be searching fer women pirates in the modern world. This be dar 6th issue of the quarterly publication, which be found at yer local Borders Bookstore.

Also included in me column is the Pirate Pin-Up, This issue features Amanda n' Krystal as dar infamous women pirates; Anne Bonne n' Mary Read, which I found at me model search held at dar Florida Pirate Festival. I be holdin' another model search at the Piratz Tavern in Baltimore . So all ye wench who thinks they got what I be looking fer, then visit me website Hot Pirate Babes, yarrr!

Ship's Log: Sea Wolf Trading, 3-22-08

Welcome Aboard,

After a night of partying, I visited dar Sea Wolf Trading Company in Fremont, CA. I love boarding Pirate Stores n' looking fer all the treasures they keep in the hull. This be one of dar best pirate stores I have visited, they have a good balance of authentic pirate gear (quality swords and garb) along with the traditional swag (cheap souvenirs fer the tourist folks). Pay them a visit if ye be in the bay area, tell them Tiger Lee send ye.

Ship's Log: SF Choc Ball, 3-21-08

God Speed to 'ee,

Here be another good cause to help out, dar The First Pirate Ball n' Silent Auction in San Francisco. I be donating a portion of my take to the Children's Hospital.

This beauty named Colleen, me found at this fine event. Well, pirates n' partying mix well, maties!

Ship's Log: Grand Buccaneers Ball, 2-16-08

Fair Winds to Ye,

I'd alway be glad to help out a good cause, so I attend benefit the Port Royal Grand Bucaneers Ball at 29 Palms, CA to help out the Phoenix Project West who put on retreats to help wounded soldiers recover and connect with their families. As I be Veteran myself, I can appreciate what they be doin'!

Here be a group publicity shot I did fer the band "There Be Pirate" who be tourin' merry olde England this summer.

Ship's Log: Scurvy Dogs, 2-9-08

Yo ho ho,

I've been teachin' a Cutlass Fighting Club down in San Diego fer dar last 6 months or so. We be called dar Scurvy Dogs.

We got together fer krewe member, Betty Bones, to celebrate her birthday. First we gather down in Seaport Village n' have our first public performance in front of dar Captain's Cove. Then we headed down to the San Diego Maritime Museum were we boarded the HMS Surprise fer alittle after hours party to practice more sword fighting, but on a real tall ship on the water, arrrrgh!