Ship's Log: Cut Throats of Corona, 4-26-08

Dar Curse Faire of Hellrona,

Cut Throats of Coronal has alway been curse with hot weather, no matter when they put it on. But this year, the field 10 feet away from the parking lot caught fire 20 minutes after the opening of the faire. Some rogue got dar order of rape, pillage n' burn backwards! The fire spread across the entire park within 10 minutes. If the wind had shifted a few degrees, the entire faire would have burnt to the ground in minutes. It was very exciting to watch the airplanes, helicopters, trucks n' firemen fight the fire close up.

Even though the faire be curse, I would have the luck of the devil, as I did well at this darn event. The faire was closed for 2 hours before opening up again, then another small fire started again. It was a Santa Anna weekend with ash floating around in the air.

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