Ship's Log: Florida Pirate Festival: 11-21-08

Well n' good,

Finally I've gotten me cargo from the Custom's Haus in Maimi, I am finally able to vend at dar Florida Pirate Festival in St Petersburg, Florida. This be my second time here at Vinoy Park. The performances by the festival's krew of pirates be first rate, both the day n' the night time fire performance.

The sinkin' economy has put a dent on all the festival, as nobody seems to be buying anything. This has gotten me to ponder on havin' to stay in Florida to survive the market. Dar be only 14 pirate events on the West Coast, but 38 pirate events on the East Coast, must be that dar be 3 times as many states on the east side.

Just like last year, I be blessed with finding some real lusty wenches ta shoot fer the next Hot Pirate Babe calendar. I found Nicole n' two other beauties to shoot next day in a sleazy hotel room.

Ship's Log: Queen Anne's Revenge: 11-18-08

In Search of,

A place to set up a permanent Pirate Photo Studio. I be scouring the SouthEastern Seaboard fer a place to call home, from Key West, St Augustine, Savannah, Tybee Island, Charleston, Tampa, Bonita Springs, Orlando. The location must have lots of tourist traffic year around and some pirate history.

In my search I came across a treasure of pyrateness, Queen Anne's Revenge Restaurant, Bar n' Museum. In the hundreds of pirate establishment i've visited, most of them are stores, golf courses, bar, restaurants, boats that are pirate in name only. Employees are not in garb n' know no how to speak pirate. Products are all mass produced plastic from overseas. This place is so refreshing in that it is done right.

The weapons and artifacts on display are all authentic, instead of replicates. It's collection of booty is as good as the Pirate Soul Musuem in Key West, but you don't have to pay to see it. The decor is first rate in its creativity n' construction. The food is quiet eatable, in fact it is great! It's been around for 8 years, which says you can have a quality product n' still make money. This is a must visit for any pyrate visiting Charleston, SC.

Ship's Log: St Arrrugustine Pirate Gathering: 11-14-08

Call me a lubber,

Fer it be grand ta be back on dar mainland again! Curse me fer I be here at the first Saint Arrrgustine Pirate Gathering, but all me baggage still be in the customs house of St Thomas, do no vending fer me. So all I could do is take picture n' enjoy dar happenings. They had a grand parade through the streets of St Augustine, then a battle in front of dar cemetery. The freebooters walked down the old cobblestone roads of St George Street to fight in front of the Government House. Great crowds of on looker gather around to view the battle, but the trolleys didn't show up in time to bring them back to the Fountain of Youth. Dar vendors be dammed with no city folks to plunder.

Here be Molly, a beautiful wench I found at the tattoo booth. The Buccanner Bash on Saturday night be a blast with a number of pyrate musicians performing fer a rough crowd of drunken Buccaneers. Sunday morning's pirate court be very entertaining as well.

Island Decisions: 11-6-08

Captain make tough decisions,

Curse me, after 10 days in St Thomas, looking at different location to set up a Pirate Photo Studio n' considering many factors such as rents, traffic, location, air conditioning, promotions, living conditions - I made the decision not to set up on the island. I found that most of the young cruise ship passengers go to the beach or other active pursuits, while the older passengers go shopping. The devil say that dar older a person gets, the less they are willing to pay to have their picture taken.

By my reckonin', I could make it here, but it would not be easy. Lookin' at the living condition of hot humidity, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, high cost of living, bad traffic, 3rd world living conditions, I decided that I would not be happy living here. It's a great place for me to visit, but I admit to being spoiled by living in San Diego. I let go of my ego n' listened to what my intuition be tellin' me, arrrrgh!


Ship's Log: St John: 11-8-08

Hot as a cannon in battle,

I boarded a ship to attach St John, US Virgin Islands. Met with Capt'n Paul Jordan, who I meet at the pirate's ball. He be plannin' a pirate festival in St Johns. He showed me all the pirate historical spots on the island. I took a treasure load of images that may find its way in the next Hot Pirate Babe Calendar.

Then I meet with dar sizzling pirate fire dance troup, Pyros of the Caribbean. We did a photo shoot in an old sugar plantation and in the water on the clear blue water beach at sunset. St Johns be much more of the Caribbean paradise over the Manhatten feel of St Thomas. I did a little shoot of the girls of Pyros for a possible "A Siren Call" article in Pirates Magazine.

Ship's Log: St Thomas Pirate Ball: 11-1-08

Yo Ho Ho n' a bottle of rum,

Aye, dar be a night of fun at St Thomas Pirate Ball held at Blue Beards Castle. Featurin' the amazin' pirate fire dance troup, Pyros of the Caribbean.

By God's name, I have to comment Casey Thornburg, the event organizer for puttin' on this weekend's event, fer he be on his death bed with leukemia only 2 months ago, yarrr!

Ships Log: St Thomas Pirate Festival, 11-1-08

Sunny day on dar beach,

Here be dar first St Thomas Pirate Festival. A bit light on dar crowds, but a very successful sand castle contest. It be a pleasure havin' me photo booth only short stones throw from ta ocean, man. This be grand to take a dip in the ocean waters during a festival n' walk over ta me hotel a 100 feet away.

Ships Log: Pirate Halloween, 10-31-08

Avast ye scurvy dogs,

I went to Tickles Dockside Pub fer dar Official St Thomas Pirate Festival Halloween Party n' Costume Contest. I meet dar Brethern of Red Hook, a pirate guild that performs at one of local resort. Last year only 8 folks dressed up, but about 60 pirates showed up. They had a contest for best wench, best first mate n' best captain, arrrrgh!

Ship's Log: Pirates Landing St Thomas: 10-31-08

Ahoy Matie,

We boarded the pirate ship, the Bones, to invade the Harbor of downtown Charotte Amalie. This is the kick of event for St Thomas Pirate Festival. Pictures of the landing show up on the front page of the local newspaper the next day.