Ship's Log: Florida Pirate Festival: 11-21-08

Well n' good,

Finally I've gotten me cargo from the Custom's Haus in Maimi, I am finally able to vend at dar Florida Pirate Festival in St Petersburg, Florida. This be my second time here at Vinoy Park. The performances by the festival's krew of pirates be first rate, both the day n' the night time fire performance.

The sinkin' economy has put a dent on all the festival, as nobody seems to be buying anything. This has gotten me to ponder on havin' to stay in Florida to survive the market. Dar be only 14 pirate events on the West Coast, but 38 pirate events on the East Coast, must be that dar be 3 times as many states on the east side.

Just like last year, I be blessed with finding some real lusty wenches ta shoot fer the next Hot Pirate Babe calendar. I found Nicole n' two other beauties to shoot next day in a sleazy hotel room.

1 comment:

  1. Tiger Lee, you rangy dog!! Don't ye just love a good photo shoot in a sleazy hotel room?! Glad to see you are settled on the right coast!
    A few of the usual suspects are hoping to languish in NOLA for the entire first week of April - I hope to see you! Perhaps tharrs a sleazy hotel room in our future???

    Lusty winds my friend!