Ship's Log: Pirates Landing St Thomas: 10-31-08

Ahoy Matie,

We boarded the pirate ship, the Bones, to invade the Harbor of downtown Charotte Amalie. This is the kick of event for St Thomas Pirate Festival. Pictures of the landing show up on the front page of the local newspaper the next day.

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  1. Aye, and a fine landin' it be, chargin' the air wi' excitement and wonder when we be sailin' into that harbor wi'sails full in the wind. But ye be forgettin' o' the mornin' conquest o' the people's "radio station" as they be callin'it. Aye, take it over we did! Tellin' all o' the plan fer mischief and mayhem we be bringin' to the little city o' Charlotte Amalie. A good day it was. Aye, a fine pirate leader ye be, me friend Tiger Lee. Yer Lady Captn friend an' tour guide to the blue waters of Sapphire.