Ship's Log: St John: 11-8-08

Hot as a cannon in battle,

I boarded a ship to attach St John, US Virgin Islands. Met with Capt'n Paul Jordan, who I meet at the pirate's ball. He be plannin' a pirate festival in St Johns. He showed me all the pirate historical spots on the island. I took a treasure load of images that may find its way in the next Hot Pirate Babe Calendar.

Then I meet with dar sizzling pirate fire dance troup, Pyros of the Caribbean. We did a photo shoot in an old sugar plantation and in the water on the clear blue water beach at sunset. St Johns be much more of the Caribbean paradise over the Manhatten feel of St Thomas. I did a little shoot of the girls of Pyros for a possible "A Siren Call" article in Pirates Magazine.

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