Ship's Log: Queen Anne's Revenge: 11-18-08

In Search of,

A place to set up a permanent Pirate Photo Studio. I be scouring the SouthEastern Seaboard fer a place to call home, from Key West, St Augustine, Savannah, Tybee Island, Charleston, Tampa, Bonita Springs, Orlando. The location must have lots of tourist traffic year around and some pirate history.

In my search I came across a treasure of pyrateness, Queen Anne's Revenge Restaurant, Bar n' Museum. In the hundreds of pirate establishment i've visited, most of them are stores, golf courses, bar, restaurants, boats that are pirate in name only. Employees are not in garb n' know no how to speak pirate. Products are all mass produced plastic from overseas. This place is so refreshing in that it is done right.

The weapons and artifacts on display are all authentic, instead of replicates. It's collection of booty is as good as the Pirate Soul Musuem in Key West, but you don't have to pay to see it. The decor is first rate in its creativity n' construction. The food is quiet eatable, in fact it is great! It's been around for 8 years, which says you can have a quality product n' still make money. This is a must visit for any pyrate visiting Charleston, SC.

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