Ship's Log: St Arrrugustine Pirate Gathering: 11-14-08

Call me a lubber,

Fer it be grand ta be back on dar mainland again! Curse me fer I be here at the first Saint Arrrgustine Pirate Gathering, but all me baggage still be in the customs house of St Thomas, do no vending fer me. So all I could do is take picture n' enjoy dar happenings. They had a grand parade through the streets of St Augustine, then a battle in front of dar cemetery. The freebooters walked down the old cobblestone roads of St George Street to fight in front of the Government House. Great crowds of on looker gather around to view the battle, but the trolleys didn't show up in time to bring them back to the Fountain of Youth. Dar vendors be dammed with no city folks to plunder.

Here be Molly, a beautiful wench I found at the tattoo booth. The Buccanner Bash on Saturday night be a blast with a number of pyrate musicians performing fer a rough crowd of drunken Buccaneers. Sunday morning's pirate court be very entertaining as well.

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