Island Decisions: 11-6-08

Captain make tough decisions,

Curse me, after 10 days in St Thomas, looking at different location to set up a Pirate Photo Studio n' considering many factors such as rents, traffic, location, air conditioning, promotions, living conditions - I made the decision not to set up on the island. I found that most of the young cruise ship passengers go to the beach or other active pursuits, while the older passengers go shopping. The devil say that dar older a person gets, the less they are willing to pay to have their picture taken.

By my reckonin', I could make it here, but it would not be easy. Lookin' at the living condition of hot humidity, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, high cost of living, bad traffic, 3rd world living conditions, I decided that I would not be happy living here. It's a great place for me to visit, but I admit to being spoiled by living in San Diego. I let go of my ego n' listened to what my intuition be tellin' me, arrrrgh!


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