Ship's Log: Pirate Art

Avast ye sirens,

Comic Con has scores of artwork, but one in particular caught me eye. That of Alain Viesca, who I also met at Glamorcon last year. He be masterful in his pirate pin-up art.

He paints a wonderful series of Liquor fairies,such as the Marini Fairy, Tequila Fairy, German Beer Fairy and of the Saki Fairy. Me favorite being the Rum Faire of course. I be havin' delightful visions of nude wenches everytime I drink too much rum!

Ship's Log: ComicCon, 7-26-07

Here be luck n' fair wind to ye,

I be attendin' San Diego Comic Con fer half a score, it be growin' to as big as the Evil East Indian Mouse Company. Luck be with me n' I meet with Pirate n' Faerie Magazine on thursday, but thar booth be a bit sparce. I offered to bring some of me pyrate props n' some of my wares, which they gladly accepted. I dressed some of thar wench n' taugh them to fight with a cutlass.

I just picked up me new 2008 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar on monday n' since Pirates Magazine be one of my proud sponsor, we had them calendars available fer sale at Comic Con. Them calendar be a big hit with the many pirates that be passing by. Some of me fans be purchasing me tanktops n' dressin' right in thar booth, yarrrr!

Ship's Log: A Pyrate's Life

Party Like it's 1699,

Last year I threw me first pirate party, the entire krewe had a blast. So here we be a mere 2 weeks til the 2nd A Pyrate's Life Party. This partee be thee Official 2008 Hot Pirate Babe release, so every pirate or couple be gettin' there very own sign copy of the new calendar.

Damn me eyes, thar be more: 4 course Cajon feast, all ye can drink gorg, ale or lemon-tea, sword fighting classes, how to talk like a pirate lesson, learn some pyrate drinkin' song, followed by pirate dinner show by Pirates for Hire, Fire Dance by StarDust, Music by thee Doxie Chicks, n' a special Pirate gogo dance. Attend me partee n' be blessed with plentyful booty.

Ship's Log: Don Paulson Memorial

A merry life n' a good one,

I be firing a 21 gun salute fer today be the memorial service for Don Paulson, a cowboy trick roper & actor. What in the 7 seas does that have to do with Pirates? Don’s son be Ted Shred, of Pirates for Hire, the rogue who got me involved with piracy. Don n’ me father, David owned a Chinese-Mexican-American food restaurant in the oceanless desert of Phoenix, AZ when Ted n’ I be mere young powder munkeys wet behind thar ears.

Bosen Shred n’ I had not seen each other for over 25 year when we meet up again. We be supportin’ each other in various projects fer the past 8 year. Here be one of the few images of us, as I am always behind the magic picture taken box instead of in front of it. It be wise to have a trusted mate watch ye back.

Ship's Log: Red Dragon's Revenge

Yo Ho n' a Bottle of Rum,

Red-Hand Mary signed up fer me A Pyrate's Life Party and told me about how her krewe build a pirate ship in the backyard. This be way better than any treehouse.

There be 19 Plank Owner to commissioned n' built this might fine party sloop over a years time n' you can see pictures at Red Dragon's Revenge. I be looking in me backyard to see if I can fit a Chinese Junk, garrr!

Ship's Log: Ventura Harbor Village: 7-14-07

Ello ShipMates,

This be the Second Pirate Day at that thar Ventura Harbor Village. It be much bigger than last year, with vendors, treasure hunt, tarot card readers and even a Chinese Pirate Junk.

The highlight of the event be the many show by the krewe of Pirates for Hire. Brandi Wyne, Cannon Girl (Miss May) from the 2007 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar proved so popular that she has her own cheering section. She be starting a fan club in the near future, as she be want to provide young lasses with a role model of a strong women. You go wench!

Ship's Log: Lucent Dossier

I be dreaming mates,

Thar be magic in the air at the Labyrinth of Jared. Thee krewe of the Lucent Dossier are truely a sight to behold. Rarely does a performance take me breathe away, but thar leaves me wonder if I be dreamin' or died n' gone to heaven, yarrr!

You know I be drawnin' to seductive siren, even if they be wielding swords, fer it be a the curse of a sailor. I bespoke to one of thee lovely siren after thar show n' be enchanted fe the entire evening.

Ship's Log: Labyrinth of Jareth: 7-13-07

Good Day Ladies n' Gents,

Me fellow mate, SC Strider, puts on the most amazing costume event in all of Southern California every year. They be celebratin' the 10th Labyrith of Jareth Masquerade Ball, a mouth full name fer a simple pyrate to speak. When every thar be plentiful booty around, thar be pirates aboard.

Since I be friends with Pirates Magazine, I will be submitting some of me best images to their sister publication, Faerie Magazine. What in the Seven Seas does Pyrates have to do with Faires? Well Blow Me Down, thar be Capt Hooks hatred of thee Fairy Pan.

Ship's Log: Pirettes Movie Trailer

Yo Ho Maties!

I discovered this jem of a movie idea, one of a krewe of female pirates, it be called Pirettes. Markus Rothranz created a hot 3 minute movie trailer to sell is idea of a movie. If I was going to create a pirate movie, it would be like this one. I hope he finds the funds need to finish this movie. This be the way a pirate would make a movie, one outside the confines of the establishment, Yarrrr!

Ship's Log: Press Check

Arrr Maties,

This be a grand n' glorious day,one that be startin' at 6am to get to that thar printin' press be running with the 2008 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar. As I be carefully checkin' the alignment and color of me fine artwork. It still be two more week before it will be finished with the cutting, binding and packagin'. It is alway cool to see 9 months of work come closer to completion.

The Hot Pirate Babe Calendar will be released at the A Pyrate's Life Party on Aug 4. More about this killer event later. I only have 10 copies of the 2007 calendar available.

Ship's Log: Old Fort MacArthur Days: 7-7-07

Avast Ye Salty Sea Dogs,

I finally attended the 21st Annuyal Old Fort MacArthur History Day this weekend. I've been wantin' ta go for many year, n' my pirate friend, Duncan MacGregor, gate listed me. Fort MacArthur Museum is an old US Army post that guared the LA harbor from 1914 ta 1974. Every year they hold a fundraiser which showcased 15 ta 20 millitary re-enactment groups from Roman, Pirate, Civil War, WW1 n' WW2. If ye be drinkin' too much rum you have strange visions of President Lincoln talking to General MacArthur.

I finally meet with Kendra from the cast of Pirate Master the reality TV program from CBS. We have been e-mailing each other for the past month. She be a wench of the finest quality.

Ship's Log: Lake Forest Parade: 7-4-07

Pirates for Hire March in 4th of July Parade,

What could be more American than pirates, they be one of the first example of democracy in the states, fighting the British before n' after the American Revolutionary War. Me good friends from Pirates for Hire marched in the Lake Forest Parade. They be sword fightin' n' causing havoc as they staggered down the road after the borin' n' perfectly aligned bands. Jack Sparrow be particularly popular with all the ladies in the crowd, arrrr!

Ship's Log: Molly Roger Roller Girls

Avast Ye Spicy Sea Mates,

Molly Roger now has an all female roller derby team, yarrrrrrr! They be out in Melbourne, FL; about a hour south of Orlando on the Atlantic Coast. They be sporting my Molly Roger tanktop as their new uniform at tonights game. You go girl, n' win a bout fer me! They picked the Party Like it 1699 & the new Molly Roger on the Compass Rose tanktops. You can get yours at: Molly Roger website.

They are trying to raise money to fund their trip ta Roller Con in Las Vegas on Aug 8-12. I donated some product for them to sell. They have a myspace site: Molly Roger Roller Girls . If they make it to RollerCon, I will go up and take some team photos.

Ship's Log: Pier Daze: 7-1-07

Ahoy Ye Curvy Dogs,

I be Tiger Lee, tee pirate fotographer of the South China Sea. Follow me voyage to many of port of call in search of thar finest booty in the Seven Seas. I set up me Olde Tyme Dress Like a Pyrate Photo Booth at the Pier Daze Pirate Festival in Long Beach. Lot of well dressed pirate be attending, some say around 100 or so, much more than I be expecting fer a street fair event. Had a pirate sloop given rides n' pirates be shooting off their black powder flintlocks. Port Royal set up a nice encampment on the beach, but didn't get to see them as I be running a bit late n' be busy lookin' fer a lost printer power cable. I had ta borrow from a sound man, a might fine fellow. It be quite nice to have a pirate event right on the pier with a slight ocean breeze to cool a hot day off. Here be a montage I craft from some of me images.

The cute little pirate girl is Brook, my new favorite fan, wearing my new Chinese Pirate Hat n' welding double Wing Chun Butterfly Knifes. A two day event, which only Saturday was a pirate day. Hopefully they will make both days with pirates next year.

Here be the postcard I design fer Fred the promoter of the event. He proclaimed that everyone body like the postcards n' it seemed to work as tons of people attended the event looking fer pyrates, arrrr!