Ship's Log: Molly Roger Roller Girls

Avast Ye Spicy Sea Mates,

Molly Roger now has an all female roller derby team, yarrrrrrr! They be out in Melbourne, FL; about a hour south of Orlando on the Atlantic Coast. They be sporting my Molly Roger tanktop as their new uniform at tonights game. You go girl, n' win a bout fer me! They picked the Party Like it 1699 & the new Molly Roger on the Compass Rose tanktops. You can get yours at: Molly Roger website.

They are trying to raise money to fund their trip ta Roller Con in Las Vegas on Aug 8-12. I donated some product for them to sell. They have a myspace site: Molly Roger Roller Girls . If they make it to RollerCon, I will go up and take some team photos.


  1. hey there!! I am interested in joining the roller derby team. I used to be on a speed skating team for quite a few years. Only problem is, their website is blocked from my work...soooo I dont know if you have any way to get ahold of someone from there. If you do, can you email me at Thanks sooo much!! P.S. I like your website!!

  2. I know this an old article but, please let people know that the team has a myspace and no longer has a website it's:

  3. Please let ppl know they have a myspace not a website it's: