Ship's Log: ComicCon, 7-26-07

Here be luck n' fair wind to ye,

I be attendin' San Diego Comic Con fer half a score, it be growin' to as big as the Evil East Indian Mouse Company. Luck be with me n' I meet with Pirate n' Faerie Magazine on thursday, but thar booth be a bit sparce. I offered to bring some of me pyrate props n' some of my wares, which they gladly accepted. I dressed some of thar wench n' taugh them to fight with a cutlass.

I just picked up me new 2008 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar on monday n' since Pirates Magazine be one of my proud sponsor, we had them calendars available fer sale at Comic Con. Them calendar be a big hit with the many pirates that be passing by. Some of me fans be purchasing me tanktops n' dressin' right in thar booth, yarrrr!

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