Ship's Log: Don Paulson Memorial

A merry life n' a good one,

I be firing a 21 gun salute fer today be the memorial service for Don Paulson, a cowboy trick roper & actor. What in the 7 seas does that have to do with Pirates? Don’s son be Ted Shred, of Pirates for Hire, the rogue who got me involved with piracy. Don n’ me father, David owned a Chinese-Mexican-American food restaurant in the oceanless desert of Phoenix, AZ when Ted n’ I be mere young powder munkeys wet behind thar ears.

Bosen Shred n’ I had not seen each other for over 25 year when we meet up again. We be supportin’ each other in various projects fer the past 8 year. Here be one of the few images of us, as I am always behind the magic picture taken box instead of in front of it. It be wise to have a trusted mate watch ye back.

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