Ship's Log: Pier Daze: 7-1-07

Ahoy Ye Curvy Dogs,

I be Tiger Lee, tee pirate fotographer of the South China Sea. Follow me voyage to many of port of call in search of thar finest booty in the Seven Seas. I set up me Olde Tyme Dress Like a Pyrate Photo Booth at the Pier Daze Pirate Festival in Long Beach. Lot of well dressed pirate be attending, some say around 100 or so, much more than I be expecting fer a street fair event. Had a pirate sloop given rides n' pirates be shooting off their black powder flintlocks. Port Royal set up a nice encampment on the beach, but didn't get to see them as I be running a bit late n' be busy lookin' fer a lost printer power cable. I had ta borrow from a sound man, a might fine fellow. It be quite nice to have a pirate event right on the pier with a slight ocean breeze to cool a hot day off. Here be a montage I craft from some of me images.

The cute little pirate girl is Brook, my new favorite fan, wearing my new Chinese Pirate Hat n' welding double Wing Chun Butterfly Knifes. A two day event, which only Saturday was a pirate day. Hopefully they will make both days with pirates next year.

Here be the postcard I design fer Fred the promoter of the event. He proclaimed that everyone body like the postcards n' it seemed to work as tons of people attended the event looking fer pyrates, arrrr!

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