Ship's Log: A Pyrate's Life

Party Like it's 1699,

Last year I threw me first pirate party, the entire krewe had a blast. So here we be a mere 2 weeks til the 2nd A Pyrate's Life Party. This partee be thee Official 2008 Hot Pirate Babe release, so every pirate or couple be gettin' there very own sign copy of the new calendar.

Damn me eyes, thar be more: 4 course Cajon feast, all ye can drink gorg, ale or lemon-tea, sword fighting classes, how to talk like a pirate lesson, learn some pyrate drinkin' song, followed by pirate dinner show by Pirates for Hire, Fire Dance by StarDust, Music by thee Doxie Chicks, n' a special Pirate gogo dance. Attend me partee n' be blessed with plentyful booty.

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