Ship's Log: Old Fort MacArthur Days: 7-7-07

Avast Ye Salty Sea Dogs,

I finally attended the 21st Annuyal Old Fort MacArthur History Day this weekend. I've been wantin' ta go for many year, n' my pirate friend, Duncan MacGregor, gate listed me. Fort MacArthur Museum is an old US Army post that guared the LA harbor from 1914 ta 1974. Every year they hold a fundraiser which showcased 15 ta 20 millitary re-enactment groups from Roman, Pirate, Civil War, WW1 n' WW2. If ye be drinkin' too much rum you have strange visions of President Lincoln talking to General MacArthur.

I finally meet with Kendra from the cast of Pirate Master the reality TV program from CBS. We have been e-mailing each other for the past month. She be a wench of the finest quality.

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