Ships Log: Searle's Raid on St Augustine, 3-6-10

Rape, Pillage N Burn,

In 1668, Capt Robert Searle n his privateers from Port Royal sailed under the cover of night into the harbor of St Augustine to loot the silver ingots held in the royal coffers of the Spanish. They killed 60 people and pilaged the goverment buildings, churaches n' homes. The devaststion wrought by these blood thirsty pirates prompted Spain's Council of the Indies to build Castillo de San Marcos.

The re-enactor who run the re-enactment are much more colonial type than pirate types, as the whole city seem to dislike pirates. They consider themselves privateers, but from the Spanish point of view, they were viewed as pirates, for they burn the town down.

Ships Log, Florida Ren Festival, 2-28-10

Good Day Me Lord,

I fancied a a day from me shop ta go down the coast to attend the Florida Renaissance Festival, where I meet some one of the first pirates I shoot in Florida 2 year ago. It was big, but not as big as the Southern CA Pleasure Faire. Here be a confederation of three different pirate krewe doing the black powder demostration, which I got be part of with my newly acquired hand cannon. Without a doubt a fun day to be had.

Here be

Ships Log, New Name N' Location, 3-1-10

Ahoy Matie,

I will be moving from my tiny 300 sq ft store on 100 St George Street to a 1200 sq ft store on 26 Cuna Street on April 1, 2010. I will also be changing the name of the store from Pirate Portraits N Treasures to Pirate Fashions n Fotos. Here be me new business card n' logo.

Ships Log: Pirate at the Pier, 1-23-10

Avast ye scurvy krewe,

This be dar 3rd year fer the Pirates at the Pier. I did set up a small table of some of my pirate garb, weapons n' jewely n' did ok, even Jack came around to shop.

As always, I be keeping a weather eye fer lovely wenches.