Ship's Log: Oceanside Harbor Days: 9-15-07

Celebrate Me Birthday,

Oceanside Harbor Days been goin' fer many years, but this be thar first time with pyrates. The start be a bit slow, but it picked up later in the day. A mighty 6 pounder be crewed by all female, arrr! They had a nice gun battle between two tall ships n' 30 pirates with lots of black powered. I celebrated me birthday at the Jolly Roger Restaurant, got a wee bit drunk on a new drink, it be called Creamy KUM (Kahlua + Rum n' Milk).

The second day be even better since they put a bus stop right in front of me booth. I sold a record number of Molly Roger Wenchwear, especially the new booty shorts. Mark me words, this event be a grand treasure next year!

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