Ship's Log: Ojai Pirate Faire: 9-27-08

By the blood in me heart,

This be 17th year for Ojai Pirate Faire the oldest pirate festival on dar west coast. I be settin' up me Olde Tyme Dress Like A Pyrate Photo Booth for my very last faire in California. It be a very good weekend fer me, with saying good bye to lots of old friends.

Here be 3 of me beautiful models from the 2009 Calendar (Carolyn - Ms May, JJ - Ms June, Ramona - Ms July) who be on hand ta sign calendars on saturday. Plus Anyssa - Ms Sept (in wench with dar umbrella in the montage above) be on dar on Sun to sign as well.

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  1. those girls were as nice as they were beautiful. they took the time to take a photo with my little girl in purpple chainmail outfitt.