Ship's Log: Two Harbor's Buccaneer Days: 10-3-08

Why is the rum always gone,

Cause all the pirates be partyin' at dar Two Harbor Buccaneer Days. I took the local ferry, the Catalina Express on friday. The tall ship, Lynn, made an appearance. I spend the weekend unloading me Molly Roger goods & calendars ta the hundreds of partying pyrates.

Sink n' scuttle me if I didn' have a long hard day placin' me Molly mark on dar many wenches lovely treasure chest. I pyrate's work is never done, arrrgh!


  1. Thanks Tiger! We made the front page of your site!!! Arrgh! I am the Brunette, Terri...Love it!!

  2. Tiger :
    I hope St. Thomas is meeting your expectations..
    Here are a few of my Buccaneer day will notice Ramona in
    some of them
    capt. george...