Ships Log: Pirate Dinner Adventure, 3-21-09

Curse me fer a lubber,

Since Pearl n' I won a free ticket ta Pirate Dinner Adventure, we finally got around to goin'. I heard many things about the dinner show n all of them be true. As a 5 year old yar might like it, but as a pirate aficionado, I hated it! It represents everything I hate about thinly veiled business makin' money from the good pirate name. The actors n' staff people wear polyester costumes, don't talk like pirates, talk a lot about gypsies and princess, sell only cheap plastic stuff. It was a singing musical with a lot of acrobatics n' almost no sword play. The little sword fighting that be done with fencing foils instead of cutlasses.

Ta worst part of the experience was the mandatory $5 tip fer person for the bad waitstaff who served school cafeteria food. There was very little interaction between us n' the staff. Everyone was there to pick up a paycheck n' not fer the love of piracy.


  1. Disappointed to hear you think that, as I remember you and was in the show that evening. I even approached you personally to make contact and compliment your wardrobe, and you dismissed me rudely. The actors are not responsible for the costumes or script- and it's too bad that you think we wouldn't prefer to be more pirate like. You also got a free ticket- so you're complaining about paying a $5 tip? Sorry the show is aimed at the tourist industry and not just pirate enthusiasts.

  2. Jack,

    You are right mate, I be might tough on yar show. You as a actor as the best part of the night. My blog is written for pirate enthusiasts and not the general tourist crowd.

    I'm sure you as performers would like to change the script that you have to perform. I have contacted the Pirate Dinner Adventure in CA as well as FL numerous times n' have never gotten a favorable response, so I brought my baggage with me. I think the show could be written for adult while still being enjoyable for kids; instead of written for the very young.

    A tip is feedback based on good or bad service. Mandatory tip is just a service tax which allows the wait staff to perform poor with no incentive to give good service.