Ships Log: Sock Monkey Attacks, 3-17-09

Bless me guts,

Dar Sock Monkey attacked our store one day, tryin' ta steal some booty, but I pulled out my twin butterfly knives. He decided to write a nice entree in his blog.

Here's what he wrote: While out playing in St. Augustine, Sock Monkey appened upon yet another pirate! Tiger Lee (the pirate), while rather fierce to meet, actually turned out to be a great guy! He does have a rather frieghtening scowl and wicked looking blades, but he was a nice as can be after Sock Monkey got to know him a little better.

Tiger Lee runs a little shop on St. George Street (near the corner of Hypolita at 100 St. George, Suite 1) called Pirate Portraits N' Treasures. This place is wonderful! Not only can you get your photo taken in pirate garb, but Tiger Lee is a fount of information. He even has a piece of the Black Pearl (from Pirates of the Caribbean) in his shop!

On the second Friday of every month, Tiger Lee offers an In Garb Pub Crawl to benefit different charities from 7 pm until 11 pm. It's a great time with pirate camaraderie, storytelling, song and drinks. Well worth the $5 (IF your in 16th-19th century pirate garb) price. It's $10 if you don't dress-up, but what's the fun in not dressing? Stop by Pirate Portraits N' Treasures to book your reservation!

If your in the market for period clothing, then Tiger Lee is the one to know! He has everything you need, including weapons (no weapons on the pub crawls allowed).

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