Ships Log: In Garb Pub Crawl, 3-3-09

Drunk up me heardies,

Drunkin' fer a Cause! Benefits a different charity each month. In Garb Pub Crawl being held the 2nd Friday of each month, from 7-11pm. Starting on March (Friday) 13th to benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Camaraderie, drinking, storytelling, drinking, song, drinking, pirate dice games and more drinking at 4 different pubs in the historical district of Americas oldest city.

Cost: $10 or $5 if you be dressed in 15th to 19th century pirate garb. No real or replica weapons. Dollar off the first drink at every pub. Buy yar tickets by 6:30pm at Pirate Portraits N Treasures

Special gift for all participant of the first In Garb Pub Crawl - 2009 Hot Pirate Babe Calendar ($14 value). This is the only monthly costumed-period garbed pub crawl in the world.

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