Ships Log: St Aug Travelers Tidbits, 3-1-09

Avast ye cursin' corsairs,

Here be dar Special St. Augustine Shop Review from St Augustine Travel Guide's newsletter #8 written by Lynn.

Pirate Portraits n' Treasures

"I came across this new, unique little shop today, purely by accident. I was out taking photographs and happened upon a beautiful pirate lady who I learned was Crazy Eyed Elise.

I asked her if I might take her picture and she invited me into the store to meet Tiger Lee, pirate extraordinaire, from the South China Seas. "Ahoy, matie", he says to me, "me name is Tiger Lee. Arrgh!" I knew I was in for a treat. This is the tale I heard...

Avast ye pirate lovers, Tiger Lee moves to St. Augustine to open Pirate Portraits N Treasures, the worlds first pirate store and photo studio.

Tiger Lee, from the South China Seas, plundered an ancient mystical box from the Manchu Emperor. Tiger be forced to flee his homeland to escape Royal Assassins.

Experience this magical image box, that transforms common folk into portraits of beautiful wenches n' fierce pirates in a matter of minutes.

Pirate Portraits n' Treasures is filled with real 150 year old trunks, pirate garb for men and women, fight quality swords, reproduction flinklocks, made to order tricorn hats, and pirate books.

Take home some real pirate booty, a pirate portrait of yourself! Be sure to visit this fun shop. Located at 100 St. George Street."

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