Ship's Log: Festival of Sail - Los Angeles, 8-15-08

Bleed me,

The Festival of Sails Los Angeles be just like dar one in San Francisco: expensive, divided, disorganized, scarcely crowded, and not interested in purchasing from the merchants. I be soundin' like a complainer, but I'm tryin' to make money for my voyage to the Caribbean this year. Plus I between SeaWolf selling shirts for $10 and the Official T-Shirt vendor selling shirts for only $5, while i'm trying to sell my Molly Roger Tanktop for $20.

Our shirts are sexier, original, quality, exclusive, made in the US. We did alright against the competition because of my secret weapon, a saucy assistant wearing my sexy tanktop. I had be beat back all the other vendors who tried to steal her away. Doesn't Miko look totally hot, arrrrgh! Hopefully we will see her in the next calendar. We implemented the no picture without a purchase rule with great success. As it be hard to run a photo booth when your letting everyone take free picture of yourself.

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