Ship's Log: Fantasy Fest: 10-26-07

Eye Poppin Treasured Chest,

This be me kick off event fer my one month voyage to Florida, where real pirates sailed thar oceans. Fantasy Fest be a 10 day event of debauchery held on Key West, an island that be closer to Cuba than Miami.

I arrive on Thursday n' visited the Pirate Soul Museum n' saw many a real pirate artifacts. I set up me booth at the Fantasy Fest Street Fair on Friday n' sold many a Molly Roger shirts. Then I be a special judge at the Rum Barrel Pirate Bash - Costume Contest, where I be holding a Hot Pirate Babe search.

The highlight of this week long is the body paint of women. Hundreds of women proudly display their uncovered treasure chest in public, what a sight to see for all ye salty sea dogs. Captain Morgan puts on a huge parade of floats. I started out takin' photo from the side, but it boring, so I crashed the parade n' joined one of the many pirate groups in the parade. I didn't have any beads to give out, so I took photos of painted women n' gave them a flogging instead, yarrr!


  1. Tiger I am so going with you tis year if you do this event. Quit hogging all the ladies.

  2. Thanks for the memories... that image of the blond in the center picture is actually me. My friend send me this link and she is right, that would be my pick from Fantasy Fest last year. I think I met you at the Rum Barrel :)

  3. That picture of the blond in the center is me.... had a great time at Fantasy Fest. Think I met you at the Pirate Contest at the Rum Barrel :)