Ship's Log: Big Bear Pirate Faire, 6-7-08

What Ho!

This marks me 3rd anniversary of Pirate Portraits by Tiger Lee. As little more than 2 years ago I vended at Big Bear Pirate Faire with my first pirate photo booth. It be successful enough to think I could make a go of it. I had tried a few year before with Renaissance Faire, but that didn't work. There be a photo of a krewe of wenches fire off a 6 pounder naval gun.

Dar faire be very sluggish, as I be thinkin' arrr slow economy n' pirate high gas prices be effecting my pyrating business, along with everyone elses. Here be a little lass named Cortney, that be a pirate n' training.

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  1. I loved the photo of Cortney. It looked more like a painting or a shot of a ghost ship. Very nice.