Ships Log: Dead Buccaneers' Masquerade Ball, 10-23-09

On a moon lite night,

The first annual Dead Buccaneers' Masquerade Ball held by the Cut Throat Titan krewe in Valdosta, GA. Krewes from Atlanta n St Augustine gathered in fancy mask to drink, party n' dance. This be one of the few pirate ball that actually taught a true historical period dance, a formal one at that. It be quiet an entertaining sight to behold. Here be the group photo of all those in attendance. I set up my photo booth at this grand event, but didn't really do much business.

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  1. Ahoy Tiger Lee!
    I enjoy follow'n yer adventures in yer new strong hold, thou we out here miss ye much more. Glad t' they be treat'n ye right good out thar 'n ye clearly be have'n a grand ol' time. Hope th' winds will get me own arse out thar t' see ye one day for I would love t' partake in one o' them Pub Crawls with ye ('n perhaps accost one o' them fine booth wenches o' yern!)
    Be safe m'friend 'n PLUNDER THEM GOOD!
    Fair Winds,
    Mad L