Ships Log: Pirate in Paradise, 12-3-09

Ello Bilge Rats,

Well here I be again at Key West for the legendary Pirates in Paradise Festival held from Nov. 28 to Dec. 6, 2009. This be a grand festival from the re-enactment side as it gets to use a real fort as its playground. Firing real canons and using real tall ship, the Wolf. Ye also get to play with pirates from all over the world. Buccaneers camped in historical tents only a few feet from the beach.

Here be two brand new bronze 6 pounds being fired fer the very first time, they be real beauties. The weather be might unpredictable. One day it be like a hot summer day, then the next it be rain n' fierce winds. I wish I could of spent more days in this week long event, but I had to leave early to defend my shop, as I heard that 400 Red Coats be invading my home port of St Augustine.


  1. I cant wait til next year's invasion~~~~~

  2. Hey... that's me at the cannon directly in front of the ship!