Ships Log: Pirate Fantasy Fest

Avast all ye rogues n' wenches,
Here be an event fer all those who love the uncensored life style. The Hedo Pirate Fantasy Fest held at Hedonism 2, Negril, Jamaica on Oct 23-30. I know many ofl ye pirate loving souls who have dreamed of visiting the Caribbean, this be a chance to vacation as a pirate on the white sandy beach of Jamaica, home of the English Buccaneers, such as Henry Morgan.

Hedonism 2 is a 280 room resort built in 1982 on 22 acres, it has a nude side and a prude side. It has a repetition of sex and fun, as many nudist, swinger and fetish events are hosted here. This is an all inclusive 7 day vacation that included, ground transportation, air conditioned hotel room, 3 full meals a day including drings, special pirate activities, regular Hedonism activities, outdoor activities such as sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, scuba diving, tennis. The cost is $1500 per person, the only thing you pay extra is the airfaire. All the restaurants have a dress code. Most of the guest that visit the resort never go nude or swing. This event is really design for couple vs single individuals. Hedonism is more of a couples version of Club Med, which is more single orientated.

Me n' my lovely assistant, Caribbean Pearl, will be putting on a Pirate Fashion Show, teaching naval cutlass sword fighting, giving some classes such as Pirate games, Why pirates did what did, Pirate Weapons, How to talk like a pirate. I will also be doing a Hot Pirate Babe Model Search and photo session.

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