Ship's Log: Pirates in Paradise: 12-4-08

Da wind in me face,

N' the sun to me back felt good to be in the warmth of Key West for the legendary Pirates in Paradise Festival. Dar be many a pirates from across the county at this festival with in the gates of Fort Taylor. Buccaneers camped in historical tents only a few feet from the beach. Overall this be a grand festival from the re-enactment side, but a very poor event fer us vendors.

We pyrates joined in to the Holiday parade on saturday night, followed by much rum drinking in Key West. Here be Pearl, one of the many fine vixen who I got to know this fine weekend in Paradise, life be curse with too few day n' too many wenches.

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  1. Thank for the opportunity to met ye, Mr. Lee, no only as a photographer but as the great person ya. PIP was me favor Pirate Fest so far...looking foward to see ye in New Orleans.