Ships Log: Pirate's Magazine, 3-30-09

Cheers ta another issue!

This issue of Pirate's Magazine be featurin' me column, called "A Siren's Call" where I be searching fer women pirates in the modern world. I featured the article on three fire spinners from the Pyros of the Caribbean This be dar 9th issue of the quarterly publication, which be found at yer local Borders Bookstore o' at me website.

Also included in me column is the Pirate Pin-Up, This issue features Kristin N Natalie of Marked Men Group; as Giselle & Scarlett, the two lusty wenches from POTC. I dare say that I also supplied some images for articles on the Pirates of Treasure Island. BilgeMunky featured a review of my 20009 Hot Pirate Babes Calendar

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