Ships Log: Celebrating Scurvy Awarness Day with Pirate Tour, 4-25-09

Hear Ye,
Ta Celebrate International Scurvy Awarness Day we be embarking on arrr maiden Pirate Tour. On May 2 at 6:30pm, best to buy tickets early at Pirate Portraits N Treasures . Tour last about 90 minutes n' be terminating at Scarlett O'Hara a fer some scurvy prevention, Yarrr!

Tickets: $15 fer adults, $2.50 Discount if yer be wearing Pyrate garb. $2.50 Discount if ye bring a Lime. Free replica Dubloons with each ticket. Learn: About John Hawkins, Pedro Menendex, Sir Francis Drake, Pirates of 1683, Andrew Ransom, Robert Searles, Castillo de San Marcos Fort, Watch Tower, Pirate Articles n' get yar very own Pyrate Name!

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