Ships Log: 3rd In Garb Pub Crawl, 5-8-09

What do ya do with a Drunken Sailor,

The third In Garb Pub Crawl be a smaller group but just as fun as the two. We made a detour ta the Cast N Anchored this time to harass innocent lubber walking down Cuna Street. As always we be singing sea chanteys n' playing period games. Join us if ye be in St Augustine on the second friday of the month. This month's featured cause be the Project Special Care. Here be a group photo taken by Fran in front of Ann O'Malley's.


  1. One more time I travel from Key Largo to St. Agustine to be part in this even. Was a pleasure see again some of me new maties from the past pub crawl; and visit me bucko, Tiger. Thanks fer make me feel like home.

  2. I went on the first in garb pub crawl and it was a lot of fun ! The first stop evryone got up and introduced themselves and told a joke if they had one. The second we broke out the dice and played Liars dice and ship,cap'n and crew. The third stop there was sea shantey's and thru all this I only drank 3 beers ! Having too much fun to drink !? What ?